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Our Mission

We’re on a mission

Signature Signs exists to help you create signage that’s beautiful, accessible, and helps grow your business. Great signage introduces your brand, greets customers, and creates value for years. We created a simple, consistent and transparent process that creates outstanding signage every time.

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Partner Focused

Doing great work for great people is what this is all about. We’re in it for the long-haul, and that means bringing a partner mindset to every relationship.
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All great signage projects start with open and consistent communication. Our project management process emphasizes timely, visual updates.
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ROI is the great equalizer -- every sign needs to deliver value to your business by driving growth, bringing clarity, to your customers’ experience, and more.
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Designing, building, and installing great signage demands a focus on quality. We build each sign as if we were building it for our business.
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Whether it’s an urgent project, a service request, or any other eventuality, we’re there for you. We’re easy to contact, easy to work with, and always nearby.
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We take every opportunity to make your signs, customer experience, and our internal processes better. Every time.
Past, Present & Future

We go way back, but we’re always looking forward

Signature Signs was founded in Conejo Valley in 1986. We’re a family business that has grown and evolved along with the beautiful region we serve. Over the years we've helped over 5,000 local, regional and national brands develop beautiful signage programs that amplify their brand and add value for years.

Custom signage can be daunting for customers because no two projects are exactly alike, but we've built a streamlined process that gets consistent results time and time again. You'll feel the difference when you chat with every member of our team – we combine decades of local expertise with a modern approach that leverages technology every step of the way.

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