Hello, World! Welcome to The Studio

Hello, World! Welcome to The Studio

Welcome to The Studio, a fresh resource from Signature Signs! Signature Signs was founded in 1986, but this is our first foray into creating content for our customers, partners, and team members.

This is an exciting first step that fits into our culture of learning, improving, and constantly evolving as a company. As the old adage goes, there's no better way to learn than to teach, and after nearly 40 years we are constantly learning from customers, partners, competitors. The Studio is our way to distill that knowledge, expand upon it, and share our experience with the broader community. Honestly, we should have done this earlier, so...

Why Start Now?

This is a pivotal moment for our company, and in many ways for the sign industry. Signs have been around as long as commerce, and while some things are unlikely to ever change, it's hard to deny the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that is coursing through the industry. From new lighting and energy-efficiency technologies to project management best practices, and client experience benchmarks, things are changing faster than ever.

Signature Signs is a local sign company, but bringing modern methods and best practices to bear to create more beautiful, functional, and efficient signage for our customers has always been a priority. We’re strong believers that no matter how well established a process or technique is, it’s always a work in progress. Everything can be done better, and it’s our job to make sure that we never rest on our laurels.

As a local company we're fortunate to work with amazing small businesses and large regional and national brands. That allows us to see the challenges that organizations large and small face as they embark on sign projects. Simply put, we want to share those lessons and accelerate our learning in the process.

What can you expect?

Our mission is to demystify the signage process, make it more accessible and understandable for everyone (salty sign pro's included). Recognizing that many of our clients might be navigating a sign project for the first time, we aim to provide clear, simple guides that explain terminology, processes, and best engagement practices with signage projects and companies. We'll cover topics such as:

  • Buying Guides: In-depth look at different sign types including channel letters, monument signs, and more.
  • Design Best Practices: Tips on enhancing visibility while adhering to brand standards.
  • Innovations: Insights into the latest technologies in signage for efficiency and impact.
  • Inspiration & Guidelines: Creative ideas to elevate any sign project.
  • Maintenance Guides: How to care for your sign to ensure longevity and value.
  • Installation & Permitting: What to expect during these critical phases.
  • Navigating Signage Negotiations: Advice on dealing with landlords and other parties.
  • Understanding Sign Quotes & Financing: A look into financial aspects of signage projects.

We're inviting you into our Studio to learn from you, and share what we've learned in our nearly four decades in the business. Whether you're a Signature Signs customer, partner, or even working with another sign company, we're here to help and collaborate.